The All Inclusive & Ultimate Guide to Finding Wellness Clients

The Ultimate Guide to finding your next wellness clients

Buckle up, this is going to be a big one.

I’ve compiled this all-inclusive and slightly exhausting list of how to find wellness clients.

Some of these will work better for certain businesses, than others, as with any list you’ll find out there. My suggestion is to test out ideas that pop out at you while you’re reading and give them a go. If something sounds daunting, or like it will be too much to take on, then don’t work yourself to the bone. Come around to those ideas later when you are ready to tackle a larger project.

“Wellness” is an industry that has been blowing up in recent years.

“But if it’s blowing up, as you say, why is it so hard for me to find clients?”

You’re definitely not on your own on that one, I know a LOT of providers feel the same exact way. The problem isn’t you, it’s your marketing. I would highly recommend reaching out to a marketing coach or a sales coach who can train you to sell yourself!

This post won’t be limited to a specified number of ideas, as I plan to regularly update this list as I learn more! I want to share ALL of my ideas with you to help YOU, and your business THRIVE!

1. Talk about your business

You don’t need to be sales-y, but don’t be shy about what you do. Talk about your business with confidence

2. Get out into the real world

Online businesses are great, but there is nothing like some face-to-face connection with people at a convention, at your local chamber of commerce, or even starting an event of your own! Once you network with these people, ask them for referrals, and again TALK ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS,

3. Connect with fellow wellpreneurs

You become like the closest 5 people in your circle. Are any of them fellow wellpreneurs? If you don’t know any, find a great group online (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) and connect with them directly!

4. Diversify!

This means not putting all of your eggs in one basket. If you’re a health coach only offering online classes, why not try 1 on 1 coaching sessions for a higher rate, or even better, get contracts signed with wellness clients for a 3-month commitment to your program? Sure a new program is a decent amount of work to launch, but the hardest part is taking the first step.

5. Go to Local Events

These local events include workshops run by other wellpreneurs, conferences, webinars, or health expos where you would find your ideal clients.

6. Ask a handful of clients in your target market to tell you what their biggest frustration is with their health.

Listen. Take notes. Then, see how you can fit your services in to fill their needs.

7. Reach out to your past happy customers for referrals.

They may have a good friend with health issues that you can easily remedy.

8. Join online communities where you may find your ideal clients.

A local health and wellness group may be available, if not……..

9. Start your own Facebook group for local health and wellness activities!

This is a wonderful way to spread the news about events and connect with other wellpreneurs to build your network!

10. Write guest blog posts for wellpreneurs in complementary industries.

Are you a chiropractor? Write about how massage therapy goes hand in hand with chiropractic for a massage therapists blog or newsletter

11. Niche down even more.

12. Ask for testimonials from past clients that you can include on your website.

To do this easily, create a form in Google Forms, and send the link out to past clients via your email marketing provider. Google Forms compiles the data for easy storage, and organization for adding to your website later.

13. Get a referral program set up for providers in complementary industries.

Offer a bonus every time they refer a client to you.

14. Offer free content to your target market.

Blog posts, Facebook live videos or pre-recorded videos, guest posts, guest hosting on podcasts, or starting your own podcast, are all great ways to get your info out there. Once they’re on your site offer them more free content by signing up on your email list – this gets your name in their inbox as often as you’d like (within reason, of course)

15. Offer webinars to your target market.

16. Do live workshops at a local venue,

and stream them live on Facebook for all to see! This shows that you’re a real person, who really does what’s promised.

17. Host facebook group challenges (if you own your own Facebook group)

18. Regularly interact with people in healthy living groups,

especially local ones if that is your target market. Showing up regularly in those groups shows that you’re a leader in your industry and offering free advice adds value to what services you offer.

19. Set up a Google AdWords campaign

20. Share your business posts on your personal social media.

DO NOT, however, only post about your business on social media if your personal account includes family and friends. I know a lot of people who get annoyed by sales-y posts on personal accounts, so be reasonable about it!

21. Be persistent in your follow-ups.

Figure out the best strategy for your business to stay top of mind with past leads, so that when the time is right for them, they know to come to you first to fulfill their needs

22. Get honest with yourself

– how many real conversions are you making in a week, and how many new people have you reached out to?

23. Write up some case studies

Use past success stories of your wellness clients to use as an example of what they could accomplish as well!

24. Write a magazine article for a publication in your niche!

25. Get interviewed –

either for a podcast, a blog, or an article! People are always looking to connect for content like this!

26. Leave your business cards around town

at health food stores, farmers markets, yoga studios and more to connect with people in your target market

27. Reconnect with past clients

See if they need more support or a new program. Reconnecting with prior (and happy) clients can be a great way to understand where your niche is heading next on their health journey. The 80/20 rule should apply here. 80% of your revenue should be from returning clients, and 20% from new!

28. Do this with past potential wellness clients!

Maybe their needs have changed, and it’s a great time for then to get started now

finding your next wellness clients online29. Create a package service with another wellness pro

– the complimentary services are an added perk to wellness clients

30. Partner up with local MD’s to offer holistic alternatives to their patients who may not want to go the traditional route

31. Expand your offerings

by producing and selling ebooks, workbooks, and online courses.

32. Hone in on what you love to do most.

Trying to be everything for everyone will lead to stress and burnout. This will also help you to find wellness clients that are a perfect fit for your business.

33. Add your phone number and email to the very top header of your website.

Make it stupidly simple for potential wellness clients to contact you

33.1 If you have a physical location, make sure your address and business hours are easily found on your website, social media, and all advertising efforts.

34. Make sure your email signatre includes all of your pertinent contact info!

35. Actively search out your clients,

don’t wait around for them to come to you – or drop into your inbox.

36. Set up a marketing funnel to convert visitors into paying clients.

37. Raise your rates!

If you’re not hearing that you’re too expensive, you may actually be losing customers because they feel that you won’t provide any real value for the low rates you’re charging.

39. Put an offer out there every week.

Make sure it’s something new and fresh that will captivate your audience. Rotate through your offers to save you time and energy from recreating the wheel everytime

40. Leave your business cards in books at the library about your niche.

They can be happily mistaken as a bookmark, and voila – easy peasy!

41. Create an online program that’s centered on one specific outcome.Try the same with a workshop!

Is your brain numb yet? LOL – Trust me, there will be more tips added soon to help you find your ideal wellness clients.

Did I miss something here? Leave a comment, or shoot me a message!

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