Meet the Happy Clients

Dianna C.

Lindsey is such a blessing! She is a true professional who only wants the best for all her clients. Lindsey is patient and will work with you until your website is everything you hoped it would be AND MORE because she will have even better ideas than you could've ever thought of! Please do yourself a favor and contact Lindsey today.

Cassie O.

I am so in love with my new website! It is exactly the look and feel I was hoping for. Lindsey was easy to work with and organized! She lead with my vision and easily provided alternatives when I asked for something to be tweaked here and there. It is beautiful, inviting, and just what I would like potential clients to see when they are reaching out for support. 🙂

Samantha V.

Lindsey is not only incredibly knowledgable in all things web design but she can also jump right into to a project she didn't start and she's more than happy to do so. I recently approached Lindsey with desperate help for a few tweaks on my own site that I couldn't quite figure out and she jumped right on and FIXED them for me. She was patient, and understanding and a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders because of that. I would recommend Lindsey for not only website design but just as important (if not more) is that she can dive right in and help you adjust things she didn't create. Thank you so much Lindsey!

Amy U.

Lindsey made my ideas into a beautiful logo & website that exceeded what I had hoped for.

Arlynn K.

Lindsey was an absolute delight to work with. She was super patient, listened to my concerns and wants for my website - and provided an incredible product! I am completely in love with my new website, and it really helps to enhance my business and give it a completely new professional edge. I can't believe she spent almost a year working with me and, more importantly, not giving up on me. She was so much more than a designer for my website - she kept pushing me to get it done and make it happen. Without her, I would have no website whatsoever still. Her energy, positivity, and sheer level of patience was amazing. I will most definitely be recommending her to everyone I know looking for a website, and will also be coming back myself when my business expands in the future!

Kristen T.

I LOVE my website! It is just what I needed to get started and Lindsey was great at helping me figure out how to modify it down the road as my business grows. She picked up on my fun colors and style right away. She was also very helpful in walking me through the process step-by-step as I am a complete newbie to business. Thanks Lindsey!

Bill S.

We have been working with Lindsey and could not be more pleased. She created exactly what we were looking for with her first example design. We immediately had her build a website for us and business has dramatically increased. Any changes to design or layout, she was prompt and able to meet our needs. I strongly recommend this business to companies looking for a facelift or startup design work. Thanks to her, my business is taking off.

Tracey F.

Lindsey did a fantastic job for my website with her done-in-a-day product. As with most first-time business owners, I thought I knew what I needed until Lindsey created a site that was so much more than I anticipated! She understood my vision and created a site for me that was beautiful and functional plus she provided easy-to-understand guidance so that I can build upon her foundation as I grow. I would recommend Lindsey to anyone who needs a website, especially those who are new to business and web design.

Theresa H.

Lindsey went above and beyond my expectations for my new website, giving personal care and attention to customize the site to truly reflect the mission and personality of my wellness center. She is wonderful to work with...talented, personable, cheerful and easy going. I am grateful to have her maintaining my site as well to keep it updated with the revolving services and specials we offer to our clients!

Kim R.

I love my new website. It is everything I envisioned and more! Lindsay is an amazing designer. She effortlessly captured what I wanted. Communication flowed so well throughout the design process, and I couldn't have asked for anything better! Thank you Lindsey, I am more than happy with the end result!

Mary G.

The experiences of creating a website and logo were completely new for me, but Lindsey worked very hard to make sure that my visions became a reality. She patiently answered every email I sent and walked me through the process step-by-step. People who have been on my site have gushed about how awesome it is, and I feel the exact same way! I'm screaming it from the rooftops for everyone to come and visit my site. I could not be prouder that it represents my business and that it represents me!

Lina S.

I was skeptical at first, because I had yet to see anyone working specifically with wellness entrepreneurs on their websites. Everyone I knew created their own. I just did not have the time and mental stamina to do it at this time, and I knew that would be my bottleneck to moving forward on my intent to have a web presence.

Somehow I stumbled upon Lindsey's Instagram page and I was really taken by her logo design as well as the aesthetic of her page and the work of other clients. I was still unsure of whether my idea would flesh out on paper. She provided great content on having a website checklist on her blog, and when I was ready to move forward, she was more than accommodating to help, even providing clarification and details to my many questions. I am so happy with my first project with her, and I look forward to working with her again! I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on my webpage, and it feels good to be moving closer to my vision for the website.

Rachel G.

I have worked with Lindsey several times in terms of not only a website, but also several different logos for my previous business ventures and she not only executed all projects on time but also with a great attitude and understanding of what I needed. She kept up with the site and made sure everything was up to date and working properly to ensure my customers have a good experience. I would recommend her to anyone starting up a business or that just needs some help with branding.

Kelly F.

It has been a pleasure working with Lindsey on various website and graphic design projects. She provides unique focused design elements to bring brands alive through their website, logo, and other branded assets. I enjoy collaborating with Lindsey to bring her expertise to my wellness clients for overall success.

Jenny Lee MD -

Dr. Jenny L.

Lindsey was wonderful to work with on my business website. She was detail oriented with gathering information prior to the VIP day. I had emailed her a few changes that I wanted to make after our initial discussion, and she just went with it and did it with a wonderful attitude. There was a lot of formatting that needed to be done and making sure the links worked, and she was able to finish it all! She knew exactly what I was trying to accomplish. Loved that I could ask questions afterwards and she responded with an informative video! I love showing off my new website!

Taylor M.

Lindsey was referred to me through Facebook, along with 15 other web designers. When going through all of the referrals, I was instantly drawn to Lindsey's work! Her passion and creativity was strongly displayed through her work and I could not be happier with my website! I had a vision; clean, sophisticated, high end luxury. Even though we were pressured on time, Lindsey worked with me and has brought my vision to life!! I would recommend Lindsey to anyone looking for a web designer! Thank you for everything Lindsey!

Liz C.

You were awesome! Very helpful in all facets of design and I appreciated how much initiative you took. Also, the level of detail and thoughtfulness that you brought to every aspect of the project was evident in the final result.

Jen R.

Lindsey helped transform my existing website into something that reflected my new business vision. I'm now proud to share my site and look forward to what opportunities lie ahead.

Kala J.

 I contacted Lindsey to design a logo for my salon because she shares my passion for caring for your body and mind in a holistic and natural way. In addition to being a great person, she also blew me away with her designs and her promptness in giving me options. I couldn't believe what she could create in such a short time, especially with my jumbled and vague description of what I was looking for. I am so glad that I chose Lindsey and I will continue to recommend her and come to her for anything else I need! She certainly has a knack marketing!

Leane M.

I've had Lindsey create two separate logos. Every time I've reached out, she's listened to what I wanted and then went ahead and created different looks. We tweaked them little by little until I was happy.

Duane W.

Lindsey is not only amazing and talented, she absolutely cares about every project she takes on. I am glad to have worked with her in the past, and recommend her to everyone I can.

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