Repurposing Wellness Content for Your Health Biz

Are you struggling to come up with new health & wellness content? Repurposing health & wellness content is a little-known secret that all smart marketers use to keep driving traffic to their site. In this article, we’ll share a few ways to get more traction out of your health & wellness blog posts by repurposing them.

Great content can bring in more visitors to your website, strengthen your reputation, and encourage more web visitors to convert. The problem is, creating health & wellness content takes time & effort.

We all have the same 24 hours as Oprah. So let’s work smarter, not harder, shall we?

But what if your best content could go to work for you, over & over, without needing to create anything new?

Repurposing your health & wellness blog content is taking a post that you’ve already written and re-packaging it so that it does double (or triple) duty. This allows you to:

  • Reach more potential customers with your content marketing
  • Get more organic health & wellness search engine traffic
  • Stop stressing over what health & wellness topic to write about
  • Devote more time towards what you do best: health & wellness

These are big benefits that you REALLY can’t afford to ignore. If you are not repurposing your content, you are missing out on a huge opportunity for your business.

Now that you know why you should be doing it, let’s look at several ways to repurpose your blog posts…

Use chunks of your health & wellness content for Social Media Posts

  1. Facebook
    • Take our a small excerpt from your post and use that as your Facebook post. You can post in relevant Facebook groups as well as on your Facebook page. Don’t break the rules in the Facebook Groups though, you may get kicked out!
  2. Twitter
    • Create a quote from your blog post, and format it as a tweet. Add in one or two relevant hashtags, and voila, easy content.
  3. Instagram
    • Use a photo from your health & wellness blog post to create an instagram post. Or use an image that matches your feed, use content from your blog to create a caption, and you’re golden. Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags as well.
  4. LinkedIn
    • See Facebook. LOL (see what I did there, repurposed content) Same rules fly for LinkedIn as in Facebook.
  5. Pinterest
    • So many people are looking up health & wellness related information on Pinterest, it’s not even funny. And it’s definitely not a space to ignore anymore for valuable leads. Use a tall image from your blog post, (more real estate on Pinterest = easier to be seen) and create a caption that captures your audience’s attention, making them want to click on your pin to see more.

Email Marketing

Use your best blog post as a “Welcome” and a thank you for signing up.

Also, email newsletters are a great place to update your fans on your latest health & wellness blog posts. Include an eye catching image, and a snippet with a link, and you’re golden.

Live Streaming

Use your health & wellness blog posts to give you something to talk about on Facebook live or IG TV. It also creates a great lead in to “if you want to read more about this, please stop by the blog on our website at”

Updated Content

Add a simple update, and repost your blog. These simple updates give people new health & wellness info that they missed the first time around, and give you an excuse to repost. win/win

What are your favorite ways of repurposing health & wellness blog content? Let us know in the comments!

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