Launch Party!

HEY Y’ALL! (*In the most northern accent you can imagine*)

Welcome to the website!

It’s about as done as it can be for now. I’m still working on courses for you guys, and to get you more complete information on every single page. This will forever be a work in progress, as every website should be.

Websites should never be stagnant, because who likes stagnancy?! (Google sure doesn’t)

While there are no strict rules, and everyone’s business is unique, you should update your website as often as you can with QUALITY content.

So that’s what I aim to do for you. If you’re a part of our mailing list, you already receive these tasty tidbit blogs in your inbox. If you follow me on social media, you’ll find posts there too, and if you do none of the above, well, I would recommend either following or signing up, OR BOTH, to make sure you get all you can from the info I share with you here, of course!

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I’m always digging up the latest trends, and learning all I can about wellness marketing, and then sharing it all with you in condensed form, or spark notes version, in order to help you grow your business / practice without wasting your time.

SO now you’ve seen the awesome new website, whaddya think?! Pretty sweet, right?

What else would you like from my website/blog? I’m here to help you, so share away and comment below what you think (the good and the bad, please!)!!

Thanks for stopping by, and join me (Friday, October 13th, 2017) on Facebook to win some Starbucks!


Should I be playing creepy music for the fact that I launched on Friday the 13th? HA, I’ll spare you. (jk)

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