Show Your Wellness Website Some Love – And It Will Love You Back

You built an amazing wellness website for your brand, or had someone build an amazing website for you, but it’s not performing like you expected? This is an all too common issue many health and wellness business owners face with their websites.

You build this beautiful masterpiece, only to have the returns be zilch. zero. nada. moot. That’s uninspiring.

Not to fear! Blkwtr is here!

In today’s post I’ll go over a few simple and quick ways to boost your website, show it the love it deserves, and make it love you back.

1. Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance

One of the most often overlooked parts to any successful website strategy is ongoing maintenance. While the initial website project is crucial to building the right foundation, the ongoing maintenance and upkeep is where you’ll really see your website shine. That is where you’ll really start to maximize the return on your investment.

Running regular updates, posting consistent content, updating outdated images, even editing old blog posts to recycle for new marketing material all adds up to a beautiful website maintenance plan we have come to know and love.

2. Make the right impression

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Let’s start with a scenario: You get a really nice business card at a networking event, and then when you go to visit the website it asks you to visit, it looks like someone in high school put together an art project for the company. You would not want that impression to be had for YOUR business, would you? Nope, probably not.

This is why I always recommend keeping up with your website, whether you do it yourself, or hire someone on to take this part over. Save yourself the lost business and just update your website already!

3. Boost search engine rankings

Every search engine loooooves new content. I realize that some may claim that this is outdated information, but it truly is NOT. Not only are the major bots searching for new content every time your website gets crawled, human visitors like to see new content as well. If your last blog post was from 2017, you’ve got some work to do. Come up with some topics by scrolling through Facebook groups, Pinterest boards, and search engine results. Still can’t find a single thing to write about? Search for “blog topics” and you’re guaranteed to find SOMETHING to spark your imagination.

4. Give them a reason to come back

Fun fact: it’s easier, and more cost effective to retain old customers than it is to find new ones. Why? because it is approximately 5 to 25 times more expensive to gain a new customer (or client).

But how does one keep visitors coming back for more? By solving their problem, of course! If they found information on your website that solves their problems, they’re more likely to come back to you to solve future problems.

In the health and wellness space, examples include sharing information about migraine relief with tea, or certain stretches to do for hip pain, or a great DIY recipe for a face mask for dry skin.

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5. Keep up with new tech

You’ve seen those “personality quizzes” on some websites that helps you understand what types of solutions will work for you? (or, you know, tell you what type of potato you are)… Well! You’d be happy to know that interactive quizzes were a newer technology for websites just a couple of years ago!

You don’t need to upgrade with every fad, especially if it doesn’t fit your niche. Some “fads” are just that. A fad. They phase in and out so quickly, it gives one whiplash. Don’t stress about every new tech upgrade that’s out there, but simply pay attention because a few upgrades might just lead to a huge boost in your numbers (visits and dollars).

How to proceed with new tech? One of two ways. Either you do gradual, running updates (by signing up for a maintenance plan) or you do a complete overhaul every couple of years. The maintenance plan is more cost effective for businesses in the long run, but an overhaul can be beneficial in the right circumstances too!

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