7 Self Care Activities for Wellpreneurs

You are a busy Wellpreneur, and you’ve got clients booked out for days, maybe even months. You spend the majority of your time helping your clients live happier & healthier lives. You’re their go-to source for information on how THEY can live better lives…

You are awesome at what you love to do, and you get paid awesome for it. Sounds amazing, amirite?

You do all of this for other, but what about you? Who is taking care of YOU through all of this pouring out for others? Are you practicing what you preach?

Cause you should be!

I feel you when it comes to helping everyone but yourself. If you’re a fellow woman, you’re literally built for it. It’s engrained in our DNA that we care for everyone else before ourselves. But we need to pump the breaks there, sparky. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

Fill up your cup

Literally, and soulfully. Tea, for the literal half of this. And for the soul side of this: meditation, prayer, and time with God, in His Word.

Tea comes in all shapes and sizes. My favorite when I’m overwhelmed, wound up, and overstressed by what I have going on, is my sleepy time tea. Nothing makes me more Zen than this lovely lovely tea.

In addition to this, the soul side of life: A daily practice of unrushing to nourish the soul in necessary. A long pause of spending time with the Lord in prayer, reading His love letter and whispering the requests of our heart to Him. By connecting with God and reflecting on His promises, our spirits are refreshed on a regular basis and our cups run over. [DaySpring]

Disconnect & Reconnect

I don’t mean your internet connection here, or restarting your computer. I mean disconnect from the “hustle”. I can’t tell you how much I DESPISE that word. You don’t need to hustle to make a living, or to create your happiness. What you do need, is some self-care-happiness in your own space on your own time to zen out, and recharge.

Baths are a great one for the physical self care ideas list. They’re relaxing and detoxing. But the best bit is they can be made with ingredients from the kitchen.

A simple, relaxing and detoxing bath (that I’ve personally tried & loved) is:

2 cups of Epsom Salts
1/2 cup of Baking Soda
10 drops of Lavender oil


If it’s too much for just you to handle, you need to learn the art of delegation. This doesn’t mean handing over literally everything to someone else, and letting them run your business. It’s simply handing off menial tasks to a VA or project manager to lessen the load. This gives you the headspace to provide your clients with the best service you can offer, and also gives you the time to chill and recharge (see previous point).

Start A Journal

A self care journal is a great way to keep track of your mental health and think you out of a rut. The best thing about any journal is that it encourages us to stop and reflect.

So how do you practice self care with a journal? You can buy a journal with various prompts.

These are usually journals with reflective journal prompts. They’re a great way to get started if you’re not already journaling.

Good Days Start With Gratitude

Written On My Heart

Find Inspiration

Sometimes all you need is a new idea, or new thought pattern to break the worn out spell you’re under. My favorite way to break the pattern is to watch a thought provoking documentary or read a self help book.

Yes, listen to my broken record over here, but I friggen love Girl, Wash Your Face.

And my lanta, I can’t wait for Girl, Stop Apologizing.

Other goodies are:

Anxious for Nothing (this was life changing for me)

She’s Still There

Some good documentaries are:

Made for More

The Shortest Way Home

Essential Oils

Fun fact: I’m not a rep for ANY MLM EO company. YAY!

That being said, you can find my favorite brand right here: CLICK ME!

These oils are so good and a fraction of the cost of the big companies. I’ve been buying this brand for years now, and between the relaxing properties of some, and the energizing and uplifting scents of others, it’s been wonderful to have these oils as my sidekick when life’s rollercoaster gets wobbly, or completely derails. Let’s-be-honest here, doesn’t it feel like a derailment sometimes? #realtalk.


I really don’t need to tell you this one.

It’s obvious.

Everyone knows it.

But it wouldn’t be a true self help, lovey dovey post if I didn’t include it. Get your butt moving.

In a funk?

Sometimes thats all you need. And no, exercise doesn’t need to be at a gym, following a program, and quite literally half-dying a quarter of the way through a spin class.

I love horseback riding (ello core and thighs), scuba diving, snowboarding, hiking in the mountains, kayaking, swimming, and beach lounging (hehe, not exercising unless you count my thumbs flipping through my latest book find LOL)…

✨ AND in conclusion…

You know you need to take care of yourself. It’s literally your job. You do it for others for a living. So take a sec, take a breath, sip your tea, say a prayer, and chill. And when you’re recharged, and ready to delegate, make sure that you check out my web design services. BUT ONLY WHEN YOU’RE RECHARGED. That’s an order, my dear. ♥️

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