Quick and Easy Content Creation for Wellpreneurs

Most know that if you’re trying to run your business online, with the goal to grow, and thrive, as any business owner strives for, you need to create quality content.
And as anyone knows who’s tried to create content before, that can be a heck of a lot easier said than done.
So what’s a wellpreneur to do? Well, let’s figure it out together.

To start, we’ll need great photos.

Obviously,  but where do we get those?
And no we don’t have to hire a pro photographer to take professional head shots, and glam shots of you working your wellness magic.
There are so many resources out there for us!
For Free stock photos, check out librestock.com – these guys search the best 47 free stock photo websites in one place. Talk about easy. Their search algorithms don’t seem to be super intuitive, so keep your searches super simple such as “health” or “run”. I know, it’s a lot of images to go through, but you get a heck of a lot better results than none when you try to search a longer tailed keyword.
For paid stock photos, I use 123rf.com, creativemarket.com, and shutterstock.com.
My absolute favorite place for stock photos has to be wellnessstockshop.com. She is a one woman show, and creates AMAZING images to use in your marketing, and on your website. I use her images myself, and you’ll frequently find my marketing to be loaded with her high quality images.
So once you find some images you like (preferably on brand), take them to canva.com where you can effortlessly create social media images for sharing, blog images, and photos for your website (and pretty much any other use you would need a photo for).
Canva has a bunch of templates already set up for you to use, all you have to do is drop your newfound photo into the template, change the text, and font to match your brand, and save it! It’ll let you download it right from the site, and then you have a super high quality photo for sharing on Instagram or Facebook! So easy, right? (If you have any questions about photos, please send a message!)

Quick and Easy Content Creation for WellpreneursNext, lets go over content creation – literal content; the copy of your posts.

This can be trickier – I totally understand.
I have a hard time with this myself, as I’ve never been a great writer (I don’t think), and I have a hard time just coming up with words to write that don’t make me sound like a 5th grade student HA – but for real.
I’ve taken several copy classes online to hone in on my messaging, and to find a quick and easy way to create my own content.
Here is the best I’ve found to make copy creation a cinch.
Kate Crocco, a Mindset and Confidence coach, has a wonderful workbook called Content Creation Bundle: https://www.katecrocco.com/resources
This little gem has made creating content for me, and several of my clients such an easy task, and while its a small investment, it is so worth it.
Hint: If you sign up for her free course, you get 50% off the paid course. THAT’S A STEAL.

From my personal trial and error, I can share with you this:

Create content ahead of time. I like to blog once per week, and I TRY to post consistently. However, that doesn’t always happen. – I’m working on it though.
From that blog post, I take the images to social media, and share the images there with a link to the blog post, whether that’s in my business Instagram account, The Wellpreneur Tribe, or other Facebook groups, as well as my business’s Facebook page.
I personally use Buffer to schedule these posts out for the entire week.
I steal bits of useful information from the blog post, and spread out that content over an entire week for my various social media channels.
If you share to Facebook groups, check the rules ahead of time so that you don’t get yourself banned from the group accidentally.
Creating blog posts like this is a great way to connect with other business owners, and potentially get your content shared on their channels as well. #SCORE.
Only pushing myself to do one blog post per week has made it a little easier on myself (as I’m a one person show) – and has allowed me to continuously have an updated social media presence, showing up just when I need to thanks to Buffer planning it all out, and posting for me!
You may only find the need to do a high quality blog post once per month, and that’ll create all of the content you need for the month.
What kind of content creation schedules do you follow? What’s been super easy for you to follow in order to keep up with the constant demand for fresh content?

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