What’s Included in My Wellness Website?

(Updated February 2020)

Your website is an investment, both time-wise and financially.

Check out the all inclusive list below of what all goes into your website on my end, and what may be needed from you to speed up the design process.

This list includes all features found in the Premium Website Design package. Signature Website Design features are denoted with an asterisk (*).

whats included in my wellness websiteCreative Planning

  1. Kick-off consultation to discuss your brand and goals for your website*
  2. Site structure*
  3. Meetings with client to revise*
  4. Revisions as needed to finalize


  1. Unique pages – true custom site*
  2. ALL WEBSITES ARE DESIGNED MOBILE FIRST – meaning, your website is one website, that is custom designed to look great on every device. It will not look exactly the same, but it will be built to look great everywhere it’s loaded.*
  3. Design of unlimited individual pages: Home page, sub-page (interior page), services landing (with a unique look and not a bullet list of services), services detail pages, detailed about page, contact, blog,  and wildcard pages for anything else.
  4. Again, unique pages – not just a two-theme page website.*
  5. Design includes: imagery (stock photos), typography, links, navigation, drop down navigation, rollovers, calls to actions, links and embedding of scheduling software, if required, social media integration (or embedding, depending on preference)*
  6. Photo search time and editing
  7. Define photo idea for subpages with client
  8. Meetings with clients to finalize design*
  9. Revisions as needed during design phase to finalize for build*
  10. Details, details, details: design until you are happy (i.e., shadows, visual cues, color theory and more)


  1. Review of site structure & content planning*
  2. Content analysis and advising
  3. Publisher – We act as your content organizer
  4. Content Audit – Content from client reviewed and audited against site structure
  5. Content Placement*
  6. Content Writing, Editing or Proofing Available at additional cost, unless included
  7. Advanced Search engine optimization available at additional cost


  1. Unlimited Pages in the Content Management System – We anticipate a website of 10 pages to start.  However, your content system can handle and unlimited amount of pages*
  2. Testing domain setup*
  3. Use of Theme for easy updates (header, footer, sidebar, scripts)*
  4. Hand coded CSS, HTML5, JS, and PHP
  5. CMS of WordPress*
  6. Video Inclusion of up to 3 videos (hosting on YouTube or Vimeo), if provided by client.*
  7. Calls to Action, Social Media*
  8. Drop Down Menus*
  9. Contact Form w/ spam check and required fields*
  10. Fav Icon*
  11. Custom 404 error page
  12. Redirects from previous web site – if applicable
  13. Optimization of images, JavaScript, and other files.
  14. Browser testing:  Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome (IE6 is unavailable at this time)*
  15. Installation of any tracking codes needed for PPC, Tools, or Analytics*
  16. Phone and email meetings with clients to finalize*
  17. Revisions as needed during build to finalize site for launch*

State-of-the-Art Features

  1. Parallax animations
  2. Collapsible menus and areas
  3. Pop-Ups for promotions
  4. Google maps integration – if applicable*
  5. Standard JS / CSS libraries
  6. Blog & RSS feeds*
  7. CMS*
  8. Scheduling integration with your scheduler (varies by scheduler, and their software)

Social Media

  1. website wireframeSocial Media Widget
  2. Social Media Integration*

Contact Forms

  1. Short*
  2. Long
  3. Validation*

Mobile Design

  1. Mobile design from start to finish*
  2. Color coded to your brand*
  3. Auto-detect script for mobile devices*

Content Management System

  1. One-hour training session, although it typically it takes 15 minutes to learn the system.  Yes, it’s that easy to use.*
  2. SEO:  Title, Meta Keyword, and Meta Description
  3. Search Engine Friendly URLs*
  4. Option fields to allow for additional data as needed.
  5. Add new sections and new pages at any time. Your site is infinitely scalable to meet your growing needs.*
  6. Manage your own site anytime, anywhere, instantly. It’s foolproof, easy to update and easy to use. Add a page and select a category. Poof! The page is instantly added to all appropriate menus.*
  7. You can upload PDF, JPG, GIF, Word and a variety of other files through our easy-to-use online tool. Create any number of links to other sites.*
  8. Your own personal login credentials*

Search Engine Optimization

  1. Clean, SEO-Friendly URLs*
  2. Google Compliant Sitemap*
  3. Custom Page Titles*
  4. Brainstorm, Research and Selection of Keyword phrases – review with client
  5. Site Optimization
  6. Title Tag Modification
  7. Meta Keyword Tag Modification, if needed
  8. Meta Description Modification
  9. Addition of Keyword Footer Links to Pages on Site, upon request
  10. Alt Tag Modification & Other Code Changes
  11. Removal of any “Splash” Entry Pages*
  12. Submission of Client Website to Google Webmaster Central and Verify the Site
  13. Spam Check:  Hidden text, keyword stuffing, redirects and doorway pages
  14. 301 Domain Redirections – if applicable
  15. Technical Modifications
  16. Custom 404 Error Page
  17. Robots.txt File Added or Modified
  18. Site Mod:  CSS/JS/HTML Sitemap and Google Analytics
  19. Content Guidelines
  20. Blog Post on our Blog on Launch & PR


  1.  Webmaster Tools
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Sitemaps (HTML and XML)*


  1. Double Check Analytics & Forms*
  2. Broken Link Testing*
  3. Submission to our Portfolio, Blog & PR*
  4. One-Hour of training on Total Control or WordPress.*
  5. Video/text guides will also be available in the future.*

Site Maintenance & Hosting

website upgrades

  1. Site maintenance is provided after 14 days – please read about WEBSITE WELLNESS PLANS for the most up to date information
  2. Web hosting provided, if part of the contract.
  3. CMS of WordPress is provided*

Other Features

  1. Communication: same day response time, sometimes same minute.*
  2. Maintenance: same day updates, with maintenance plan
  3. Ownership – own your design!*


These are Additional Features that can be included at an additional cost, or may be outsourced to a trusted Blkwtr Partner, who’s standards, and core values match my own.

  • Content Writing or Editing
  • Ongoing SEO
    1. More In-depth Research
    2. Additional On-Page Work
    3. Content Editing for SEO
    4. Submissions to Directories
    5. Link Building  ← SUPER IMPORTANT
    6. Ongoing Consulting and Analysis
  • Internet Marketing
    1. Ongoing SEO (see above)
    2. Pay-Per-Click
    3. Local Search
    4. Social Media
    5. Newsletters
    6. Video
  • Brand Development
    1. Logos
    2. Brochures
    3. Advertising
    4. Corporate Identity
    5. Other Print Components
  • Applications
    1. E-commerce
    2. Web Applications

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  1. Lina on December 2, 2017 at 4:16 am

    Thank u !!! This is awesome! Thank you for providing this, I know it took a bit longer to do, but this is Soo helpful! Lina

    • Lindsey on December 4, 2017 at 4:20 pm

      You’re Welcome! I hope it proved helpful!

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