15 Emails You Can Send to Your List That AREN’T About Your Latest Wellness Blog Post

Building an email list can be tricky, but it’s the best investment you can make for your business as a wellpreneur or health coach. For every $1 you invest into building your list, the average return is just about $38.

Not only that, but platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, while important to build a presence there, those are all managed by other companies that could eventually shut down one day. Additionally, they can throttle your reach depending on if you’re paying for ads or not. Organic reach on social media isn’t what it used to be.

That’s why building your list is so important, but when you have some subscribers, what do you send them? “I don’t want to bore them with just sending my blog posts every time”. I hear ya. And I gotchu, boo boo. I put together this awesome list of 15 ways to reach out to your email list without sending your latest blog post.

Create a Welcome Series

Why Your Subscribers Will Love This: This gives your subscribers a chance to decide if your email will be a benefit to them. Not every subscriber is going to love you, and THAT’s GREAT.

Wait, what? Great? How is that GREAT?!

Well, friend, you may have a free email marketing platform, but once you build your list up, and you’re in the thousands, you get bumped to a paid platform. Weeding out the not so valuable followers from the get-go is a favor you can do for yourself early on.

Not only that, but you want to be sending emails to people who will want to buy from you. That’s why we’re in business after all, when you get down to the very bottom line. We all need to make money. And in order to continue to do what we love, we need that income to support us, feed us, and provide us a roof over our heads. Unless you’re homesteading and you’re completely off the grid & self sustainable (then you’re definitely not reading this) 💁🏼‍♀️

Send a Tools Email

Why Your Subscribers Will Love This: Everyone loves to know what tools are actually helpful (and by default, which aren’t very helpful). Share tools that you use in your practice that your clients can take advantage of at home.

So for example, I share with you that the MindBody Online app has saved my past clients TONS of hours on admin work by automating booking, and processing payments.

A simplified example for you to use in your emails would be recommending a favorite pain relief cream for stressed muscles or a favorite workout program for busy moms. The world (and the internet) is your oyster! 🧜🏼‍♀️

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Events or News

Why Your Subscribers Will Love This: Who doesn’t like to be kept in the loop with big events. Wellness fairs are happening all the time, keep your followers up with current events by linking them to the signup page, or at least to more information. They’re your client (or just a big fan) for a reason, so let them know where they can meet up with you!

An Opportunity to Collaborate

Why Your Subscribers Will Love This: I thoroughly believe in asking your clients to interact with your emails. That’s what you SHOULD want out of an email list, interaction. Ask your readers if they have feedback on your services. Or ask them if they’d like to be featured on your blog!

Show a Quick and Useful Trick

Why Your Subscribers Will Love This: Quick and useful is sort of the name of the game. ✨ I don’t know many people that spend hours reading all of the emails they get in their inbox everyday. So sending little health hacks here and there will not only save them time, but you’ll build that rapport with them, and eventually because of those time saving hacks you shared with them, they’ll become your clients! Not to mention, they’ll be happy clients, who return, time and time again.

give away a freebie

Give Away a Freebie

Why Your Subscribers Will Love This: I love freebies. My mom loves freebies. My girlfriends love freebies. My clients love freebies. My colleagues love freebies. So YOUR clients will love freebies.

Repurpose an Old Post

Why Your Subscribers Will Love This: They won’t know it’s an old repurposed post. But you will. ✨ This hack will save you tons of time, and allow you to be a better provider for your clients. And for THAT, they will love you. Additionally, they might have forgotten about a health tip you shared some time ago, and it could be JUST the tip that they need during this season. Do you have an old post about about cold and flu remedies? Turn that ‘ish into an email, and send, send, SEND!!!

Tell Them About Your Guest Post

Why Your Subscribers Will Love This: So this is sort of a twist on “not your blog post” because technically it isn’t, it’s another pro’s post that happens to be on your blog. ✨ OR it could be your post on another pro’s blog. Your clients will love seeing your content featured on other professional’s blogs. It’s all about building that ✨ KNOW ✨ LIKE ✨ TRUST ✨

winning gif napoleon dynamiteA Q&A Series

Why Your Subscribers Will Love This: Have your subscribers send you all of their health q’s (related to your industry, obv). This gives them a chance to have their burning health questions answered by a pro, and give you content for a follow up blog post, another email, and some solid content for your FAQ section on your website. #win.


Promote Your Latest Webinar/Podcast/Video

Why Your Subscribers Will Love This: Content comes in all kinds of varieties. Share even your audio-type content with your followers. Some people just prefer audio, as opposed to reading. Make sure you cover all of your bases. Plus, this new content might provide valuable insight to a health issue one of your fans might be dealing with!

Feature Other Bloggers or Blog Posts in Your Niche

Why Your Subscribers Will Love This: People love finding new, and complementary blogs to follow, and information to find. You won’t be the end-all/be-all for every client of yours, nor should you expect yourself to be. If you have a colleague in a complementary field, see if they’ll write up a blog post for your blog, OR ask if it would be alright to share their blog post with your audience. ✨

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A Loyalty Email

Why Your Subscribers Will Love This: Send out a yearly THANK YOU email for keeping with you on your email adventures. Set up an email to send automatically on their one year anniversary with an exclusive deal just for them. Just don’t forget that you offer this, because that would be an awkward conversation when they ask, and you have this look of:

A Sale on a Product You Love

Why Your Subscribers Will Love This: Come on. Everyone loves sales. Especially sales that are WORTH IT. 5%? schmaaaaaa…… 50% – YUP! Additionally, you’re giving your clients access to tools and products you personally love in your wellness practice. Saving them money is a big trust earning move for you with your clients.

A Personal Story

Why Your Subscribers Will Love This: It’s important for your subscribers to know who you are. Some people bare all, and some share a snippet of insight into your life. Everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to sharing personal stories, but they key here is to relate it to a product or service, and how this would have helped you, or did help you, and how it can help them. ✨ Personal stories make you relatable; they make you human. ✨ People want to buy from people, not businesses.

A Survey

Why Your Subscribers Will Love This: You’ll love this more than your subscribers at the end of the day, but they will appreciate this because your’e asking for their insight or feedback about a topic. “How well do you manage stress during your workday?” “What do you do to mitigate stress?” “Do you think this is effective for you?” ✨ Eventually you’ll be able to use this data to develop a strategy that will help many many many people manage stress, which will eventually lead to happier and healthier clients. (this was just an example, feel free to insert whatever burning questions you have for your market)

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At the end of the day, it’s super important to have these techniques ready to employ at a moments notice to reduce the number of unsubscribes, and to keep your list happy.

Remember – it’s best to email your newsletter about once a week. Any less and they could forget about you, and then end up unsubscribing when you do email them. Any MORE than that and you’ll clog up their inbox and just seem annoying.

Do you send your email list anything special? Let me know in the comments below!

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