The Reading Room

Amy Uhrich from The Reading Room in East Aurora is one of the sweetest, most loving teachers you’ll find. She helps children who are struggling with reading and learning to find a new way to learn. It’s miracle work, really.

Amy approached me through Instagram after seeing my posts for some time, and was interested in learning more. She originally needed a logo, and had several really solid ideas of what she wanted to see, but didn’t have a final picture in her head yet. So I put together a concept for her, gathering ideas from our conversations, and pins she shared with me on Pinterest, and out popped this brain baby:

This was a super fun project to bring together with Amy. The next step was to bring together a solid website on which she could go more into depth about what she does, who she is, and how she works her magic. After the brand board was assembled, it was such a fun and creative process to put the website together. We are both very excited with how this website turned out! Check it out here:

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