The Best Content for Your Website’s Footer

The Best Content for Your wellness Website's FooterOften overlooked, and sometimes completely forgotten; Your website’s footer is prime real estate for your vital information, and a perfect spot for your main CTA  (Call to Action).

“But, if my content is engaging, I shouldn’t need a footer right?”

Not necessarily.

Here’s why:

  1. Even though your content is engaging and contains great information, it might not be the exact content a few website visitors are looking for. This is where your footer comes in. They make it to the bottom of your website and aren’t finding the info they need – what a perfect location for a simple CTA to grab their attention, and guide them in the right direction.
  2. Or, on the contrary, they’re not there for your engaging content necessarily. They’re on a mission to find how to contact you, or how to work with you. What better, and more obviously expected place than in the footer? One industry professional refers to this area as the information dumpster. He’s not wrong. It’s where people usually expect to find the “dumpster” of information.

So, what exactly should one include in the footer of their wellness website?

Here are my top 5 favorite (and essential) things to include in your website’s footer:

1. Navigation Links

Your website should always have the main navigation links in your footer. For the wellness pro, this would include your services page, contact, and about pages. This allows website visitors to hop around your site without having to scroll back to the top. Your links should also include the next bullet point.

How to design your Call-To-Action for maximum engagement | by Kalpesh Prithyani | UX Collective2. Your Main CTA

This is formatted as a button that stands out from the rest of your website. For a Call to Action, you want to make sure that the button itself is a color that is only, and I mean ONLY used for your Call to Action. What is a good Call to Action? “Book Now!”, “Buy Now”, or “Schedule My Free Consultation” are great options – depending on the service or product you’re promoting. Always minimize the steps a website visitor needs to take to take action (booking, buying, or scheduling).

3. Social Links

Since I rarely recommend including your social links in your header anymore, I always include them in your website’s footer. Why? Social media icons are candy-colored invitations to LEAVE your website. That is NOT the goal we’re after. We do want to link to your social accounts for social proof that you exist outside of your website, and that you are indeed human. The footer is the perfect place for these. Not everyone reaches the bottom of the website, but if someone is looking for that information, they’d expect to find them at the bottom of the website.

4. Contact Information

This is usually THE information people are looking for when they’re purposefully viewing a website’s footer section. Include a link to your contact page (mentioned in #1), PLUS any information you want the world to have. Some wellness professionals like to keep things ultra simplified (myself included) and only link to their contact page, while others don’t mind having their phone number and email out there for all to access. One specific piece of information I recommend to all brick-and-mortar wellness businesses is to include your physical address in the footer. You need to let people know if they’re close “enough” to visit you. (“Enough” in quotes since everyone’s travel radius varies!)

5. Privacy Policy/Terms & Conditions/Shop Policies (etc.)

Policies are not the most exciting content, but they still need to be linked somewhere on your website. It’s the norm to make this specific content smaller, and less attention-grabbing than the rest of the content of your footer.

Are you making your website’s footer work FOR you with these 5 essentials? What else do you like to have in your footer?

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