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Kim of Sleeping Well Consulting is a sleep consultant for parents of babies and children who have a hard time sleeping, setting up a routine, or just need help with sleep schedules in general.

Kim came to me after her SEO company recommended a redesign for her website. She had all of the core content and foundational work complete for her website before she even contacted me, but needed direction in the design department.

One of the most important parts of a website is a design that converts. Most of the time that means a pretty design, something that catches and keeps the eye of the beholder for longer than a couple seconds in order to encourage visitors to click. (See Click Through Rates).

Sometimes, design can be put to the wayside if that means that conversions will skyrocket. A smart business owner knows this, and understands that sometimes we can’t have it ALL.

Fortunately for Kim, we were able to come up with an eye catching, on-brand design that also CONVERTS LIKE CRAZY. Kim has told me since her redesign that she has a hard time keeping space open in her schedule these days because her lead capture form is on FIRE from this redesign.

I’d call that a win. Makes my marketing and designer heart skip a beat. *thump*thump*

Website: [Website is client managed, design may not reflect initial launch design by Blkwtr Design]

Final Website Design

Website Before

SWC Visual Branding

In addition to her website, Kim was in need of a logo and visual branding help for her business. What she had just didn’t jive with who she is, and what she was building for her future.

Time for a revamp!

I love my new website. It is everything I envisioned and more! Lindsay is an amazing designer. She effortlessly captured what I wanted. Communication flowed so well throughout the design process, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better! Thank you Lindsey, I am more than happy with the end result!

Kim Rogers of Sleeping Well Consulting

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