Mayra Luz Coaching

Mayra Luz Coaching is a Holistic Health and Wellness company run by Mayra Colon out of Buffalo, NY.

She operates primarily online, so it was imperative that her website was in tip top shape, and able to handle funneling visitors into the areas she needed them to go. She was off to a GREAT start being set up on WordPress and using the Divi theme to get everything started, but needed some direction to really make her website work for her.

Sometimes managing your own website, and designing it yourself can be overwhelming, so that was where I was able to step in, provide some insight, and get that beauty launched!

She is hosting a summit on health and wellness topics and needed to have a landing page set up for that as well. It was a blast setting that up, and getting her summit started off on the right foot with a knock out opt in page (or landing page) and integrating her email marketing platform to deliver the content. Overall Mayra and I are both very excited with how this website turned out!

“I really love my new website! It’s a beautiful design that I’m proud to share with everyone. It really sums up who I am and the vision I have for my business. Thank you Lindsey!” – Mayra Colon of Mayra Luz Coaching


Home Page Design:

mayra luz coaching home page


Summit Landing Page Design:

mayra luz coaching summit landing page

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