Kristen Toscano

Kristen’s website is LAUNCHED, I’m so excited!

Kristen needed a website that accurately reflected her personality, and her brand: fun, bright and exciting.

Kristen already had a brand board created, as well as a logo, and a decent amount of head shots, which proved to be VERY helpful during the design process.

The website needed to be easy for people to navigate, but also informative, and lead visitors to her free giveaway, or to her booking software, depending on the page, and what customers were interested in doing.

Kristen is a wonderful person, and very knowledgeable in her profession (which is originally Physical Therapy, but has branched into natural health and wellness, among other things!)

Check out her site here:

“I LOVE my website! It is just what I needed to get started and Lindsey was great at helping me figure out how to modify it down the road as my business grows. She picked up on my fun colors and style right away. She was also very helpful in walking me through the process step-by-step as I am a complete newbie to business. Thanks Lindsey!” – Kristen Toscano

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