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Jenny approached me with a long list of to-do’s she needed done on her website and she didn’t have the time, or patience to do it herself, or try to figure it out. I get it, websites can be finicky.

Overall, she needed help to ensure that the website worked. In the sense of buttons being actual links to things, images showing up the same between mobile, and desktop views, and image sizing and spacing issues.

Her website was built on Showit, with a beautiful template, and it looked great, but the functionality was severely lacking. (To no fault of her own!) There were misplaced icons all over the place once I got into the nitty gritty of things, and some images were linked to one section on desktop but showed up on a different section on mobile! It was so much fun uncovering and fixing all of these little things that added up into a full day’s work! I love working on these types of things, and the best part? She had immediate results.

Being able to send leads to her website and direct them to sign up for a consultation there, with buttons that were working properly was a giant leap forward for Jenny! She’s well on her way to building her online business empire, and I’m thankful for the small part I played in making sure her website’s user experience was optimal.



“Lindsey was wonderful to work with on my business website. She was detail oriented with gathering information prior to the VIP day. I had emailed her a few changes that I wanted to make after our initial discussion, and she just went with it and did it with a wonderful attitude. There was a lot of formatting that needed to be done and making sure the links worked, and she was able to finish it all! She knew exactly what I was trying to accomplish. Loved that I could ask questions afterwards and she responded with an informative video! I love showing off my new website!” – Jenny Lee of Jenny Lee Wellness


*Disclaimer: All websites are client managed after or VIP day of working together. Current website environment may not reflect the work of Blkwtr Web Design.

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