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Dionne Kress is one of the most motivated, “get things done” business owners I have worked with. It was an honor to create her business’s new online presence.

The reason she wanted a new website was to re-focus her business on not only “health & fitness” but on the corporate retreat side of things. Wanting to branch out into more events, and away from the standard gym membership type model takes some work, and some serious rebranding.

We started with just a meeting to brainstorm some ideas on how to focus on events, but also show that she still offers some memberships. We came up with a plan of attack on that front, and nailed down specifics on how to frame each facet of her business without detracting from the other. Like a diamond, you want each facet to shine bright, without taking away from the other, but only adding to the brilliance of the entire entity.

Then we dug into the creative side. The groove logo has only smooth lines, curves, and circles. That needed to carry throughout, but not in a “bubbles” or “bouncy balls” sort of childish way. We complemented the curves in the wellness website design with a complementary serif font, which created the professionalism we’re after.

The end result:

As always, I don’t link directly to my client’s websites from my portfolio because client sites post launch are client managed. Some changes may not reflect the original design that I constructed.

Looks awesome!! Have already gotten some great feedback! Lindsey thank you so much!! 

Dr. Dionne Kress | Owner at Groove Health & Fitness |

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