Stronger As One

Mary Gannon is THE running coach you want on your team. Her clients are raving fans, with nothing but the best things to say about her. She is strong, motivated, and determined when it comes to running coaching. When she was referred to me by my past client, I immediately knew we would be a great fit working together on her website and logo.

First step was the logo. We needed to embody the strength of her brand, but with a bold feminine edge to it. Mary had an idea of what she liked, but couldn’t quite work it out “big picture”. It was tricky at first. Mary had wanted a star as her logo, or in her logo, but incorporating it into the color scheme we had decided on made it look a little “military” or “captain america” and that wasn’t exactly the vision she had in mind. So after a couple revisions, we came up with this glorious masterpiece:

Next was the website. This needed to be easy to navigate, but still embodying the strong determination Mary has, with that feminine edge. It needed to be EASY to book an appointment with her, and even easier to update information. The end result:

And her online shop:

The experiences of creating a website and logo were completely new for me, but Lindsey worked very hard to make sure that my visions became a reality. She patiently answered every email I sent and walked me through the process step-by-step. People who have been on my site have gushed about how awesome it is, and I feel the exact same way! I’m screaming it from the rooftops for everyone to come and visit my site. I could not be prouder that it represents my business and that it represents me!

Mary Gannon | Owner at Stronger As One |

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