Self Care, and Why It’s So Important as a Wellpreneur

This week in the Wellpreneur Tribe we’re discussing Self Care, and it’s importance to wellpreneurs. In all honesty, this topic can be meant for anyone.

Self Care has a multitude of meanings, and a lot of different things can go into it. For instance, for some it may mean keeping up with the daily hygiene routine, for others it may mean seeing a therapist to help work through some major life changes, and for some it’s indulging in a spa day, or a massage.

Webster defines it as

“Definition of self-care

specifically : health care provided by oneself often without the consultation of a medical professional”

And apparently NPR thinks Millennials are “obsessed” with self care. – That’s a discussion for another day.

Back to the topic at hand: self-care is more important than ever with mental health issues reaching astounding levels, and people burning out left and right.

So what does that have to do with us as entrepreneurs?


You are the ones that people look to for help. Especially as wellness experts. It’s our job to promote healthy lifestyles and ways to cope with stress. So if you’re not practicing what you preach, why should they?

I’ve put together a quick list of a few things you can do to take better care of yourself. & Why not start now?

the importance of self care as a wellpreneur1. Take a hot bath with your favorite bath bomb, or bath melt.

This has to be my ultimate favorite thing to do to relieve some stress, decompress, and soothe my achy muscles. My favorite bath bombs and melts are from LUSH, however, there are sooo many other people to buy from who are independent creators on Etsy. (& they smell soooo good too!) – Don’t forget to moisturize! My new favorite for a body and face moisturizer is Seed Phytonutrients. I received a sample from them, AND DANG. I can’t wait for them to launch in 2018, their moisturizer is amazing (for face too! – especially now that it’s those cold, rough winter months)

2.  Create space in your daily routine for a mini meditation.

Just one minute of watching your breath, and feeling how you’re doing that day can bring you to a whole new level of awareness. That awareness will allow you to make minor adjustments as you move through your day, in order to optimize each day to it’s maximum potential.

3. Do something fun & unrelated for 5 minutes during the work day.

This has helped me many times to move through creative blocks, or to just give me some headspace for a couple minutes. Being able to turn off my work brain for a small amount of time during the day does wonders. I’m more productive during the 55 minutes remaining in that hour than I would have been if I were to just push through it. Try it! Let me know if it works for you too!

4. Get Moving

Oxygenate that blood by going for a walk around the block. It helps boost your mood and your energy levels for the rest of the day. Don’t have time for a walk? Just get up and shake off the stale feeling of sitting at a desk all day. Do lunges or high kicks on your way to the kitchen or break room to make yourself a hot cup of tea, or coffee with some tasty coconut oil creations to supercharge your coffee.

5. Take a Power Nap

Limit yourself to 10-20 minutes. This is just enough to recharge your brains, but it won’t leave you feeling groggy afterwards.

6. Journal

Or as I like to call it, frantic scribbling, because 90% of the time my brain is going a million miles an hour with no space for breaks just because my hands don’t move as fast as my thoughts. [Thanks Anxiety]. Journaling helps me put things in perspective. You’re stressed about finances, or something going on in your relationship. Put it all out on paper, so you can stare it down, and turn it into a manageable obstacle. Break it down into steps, of how you plan to move toward fixing the issue, and put those steps into action. Each step, no matter how small, gets you closer to your end goal.

the importance of self care as a wellpreneur7. Pray.

This has got to be my favorite, but the hardest thing for me to talk about. I have anxiety & depression, the 1 – 2 punch of fun [sarcasm, y’all, it’s a bad habit]. It’s not something I really talk about, like at all. I’m not even sure if my own parents know about it. But I can say that since I’ve became closer to God, I’ve experienced more peace in my life than I ever have before. Being “spiritual”, or having faith is something that’s probably saved my life more than a few times. It’s tough to talk about, but being in the space I am now allows me to tell you that it really does get better. Really truly. I’m awful at talking about these things, but God is great, and if you need proof, just ask me. I’m happy to talk about it. (& no I won’t knock on your door with pamphlets LOL)


As human beings in the wellness industry, it’s so important to lead by example. Taking care of ourselves allows us to better take care of those who need us.

Let’s make this world a better place, one self-care practice at a time.

What does “Self-Care” look like for you? Comment below!

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