Escential Care Wellness Center

Escential Care is a wellness center in the heart of the village of Alden. It is run by the amazing Theresa Hoffman and focuses on whole health, mind, body and spirit. They are in the process of expanding with a non-profit in addition to adding on some various service providers. There is nothing that says GROWTH like a new, expandable website. The website built for Escential Care can do it all. And boy, does it.

They needed a very simple way for clients to book online for massage services. I had recommended Mind Body Online for their booking software, as it is a robust, and ready to use system right out of the gate. Sure, MBO has its glitches, but with some coding, and some tweaking, it was integrated perfectly into their site. We set it up so that multiple services can be booked at the same time.

The business itself is continuing to grow, with the non-profit expanding. It will soon needed to be added to the website so that people can see all of the amazing things that are happening right here in small town USA.

Not only were the functionalities a huge point of Theresa’s redesign, but design had to be on point as well. Theresa wanted the website to embody the laid back, peaceful and calm atmosphere of the wellness center, but also portray that it is a professional atmosphere, and only the best experiences will be had there.

We redesigned her logo in addition to her website, and we nailed the rebranding process, with the chill hippie chic vibe! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Escential Care Wellness Center – Brand Board / Logo Design

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