The Best Times to Post on Social Media

Sprout Social’s updated listings offer data on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Sprout Social recently updated it’s listings of the best time to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, based on the activity of 25,000 Sprout users. The data is broken down by platform, overall engagement and industry.

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Repurposing Wellness Content for Your Health Biz

Are you struggling to come up with new health & wellness content? Repurposing health & wellness content is a little-known secret that all smart marketers use to keep driving traffic to their site. In this article, we’ll share a few ways to get more traction out of your health & wellness blog posts by repurposing…

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How to Leverage Instagram as a Health and Wellness Expert

how to leverage instagram as a health and wellness expert

You’re waiting for the kid’s school bus, or sitting in the doctors office waiting room really not wanting to touch the crusty magazines on the table in front of you, so naturally, you reach for your phone for short-term entertainment. Where do you go to pass a few minutes? My #2 choice (after Pinterest) is…

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