How to Get Google to Like You

how to get google to like you, and your content

Creating SEO-friendly content is a big part of what I do in developing my client’s websites, and there is a boatload to understand in order to make the most of it. So, what better place to start than with the persnickety Google machine itself? Keep reading for 7 easy ways to get Google to like…

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The Best 5 SEO Tools for Wellness Websites

top 5 seo tools for wellness websites

Do you struggle with gaining traction (getting visitors and new viewers) to your website? If your website was built properly, you already have the very foundational SEO work completed on your website, BUT did you know that SEO is an ongoing task that you should be keeping up on? Even if it’s only 20 minutes…

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Do You Need SEO for Your Wellness Website?

does my wellness website need SEO

There is SO much information (and many opinions) online about SEO, and whether you need it, or not. The thing is, most people assume keywords are the only thing that goes into SEO, however it is SO much more than that. I’m going to dive into why you should be concerned about the SEO on…

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