3 Super Simple Copywriting Tips

3 super simple copywriting tips

Whether you’re writing emails to your list, writing a sales page, or social media posts, or what have you… what you write (copywriting) is very important.

Which sounds obvious – but I’m talking about the specific words you choose which will either make or break the success of your message.

Check out these 3 super simple copywriting tips you can start using today:

1: Use presumptive language.

This is great for CTA’s, because it frames your CTA as being the obvious next step for them to take. (CTA = Call to Action)

i.e. if I said “When you’re ready to upgrade, click here” – this presumes they are ‘ready to upgrade’, and that it’s inevitable.

But if I said “If you’re ready to upgrade, click here”… that gives the reader a reason to consider whether they are ‘ready’ at all. – not the ideal situation. You WANT your reader to be ready, not place doubts in their mind or give them reason to consider any ‘ifs’

2: Stay away from big words.

Legendary marketer & copywriter Gary Halbert was extremely intelligent, well-read, and had a very large vocabulary – but you wouldn’t know it from reading his copy.

He always used very simple language, because the average reader doesn’t know all those big words.

And if your reader comes to a word they don’t understand – they’re not going to Google it, they’ll just close your page.

3: Cut down on the exclamation marks!

One thing I do if I’m reviewing sales copy is I search the page for exclamation marks – and newbie writers almost always use far too many.

It’s their way of injecting some excitement into the copy – but you can’t force color and passion into an email, what you’re writing about should be exciting all by itself, without needing ‘window dressing’.

Writing powerful messages to your audience isn’t hard… you just have to stick to a few simple principles.

In fact, the simpler, more straightforward your writing is, the better.

They don’t want to sit down and concentrate hard to understand some complicated block of text.

Keep it simple, and they’ll read your copy all day long.

Are you ready to level up the content of your website?

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